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English speaking therapy and relationship counselling

My name is Maria van Poppel, Qualified therapist and Relationship therapist.

English speaking therapy and relationship counselling

Every human being has an inner and natural strength to develop and grow. Besides that everybody has internal and external resources or strengths that can help him or her by solving his or her problem.

The therapie is a short and goal oriented therapy. It can be used for a wide range of problems. The sessions are fitted to the specific individual and aim to give the client space to explore and develop his or her own capabilities. Often the client is not yet aware of these capabilities.

The therapy is based on an integrative vision, which means a mix of different psychological and psychotherapeutic disciplines are applied. Affective, cognitive, behavioural, and physiological systems within the human being are connected. My job is to help you uncover these inner resources and strengths to help you experience again your ability to grow.

For who?

You are welcome in my practice when you’re 18 years and older and you for instance:

  • Experience physical pain
  • Feel stressed
  • Feel weary
  • Feel stuck in certain situations
  • Have lost a loved one
  • Feel anxious
  • Experience the same returning problem on a regular basis
  • Feel uncomfortable in certain situations
  • Are annoyed by someone in your environment
  • Want to learn certain competencies
  • Feel the need to evolve and grow, but don’t know how.
  • When you’re not certain your problem is suitable for coaching or psychotherapy, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Are you curious about the opportunities for you and do you want to receive more information?
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